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The Vault Gym has a sister company – PT Club – owned by Jon Squirell, Ruben Tabares, Peter Marcasiano and the former Heavyweight Champion of the World David Haye.

Our mission is to bring highly educated and motivated fitness professionals directly to your home, office or any location of your choice. Based out of The Vault Gym we can co-ordinate every aspect of your fitness regime here in the UK or at any of our four other world sites.

Our clients enjoy the assurance of having a highly respected company in charge of their fitness and wellness rather than a stand-alone trainer. We pride ourselves on our staff selection and our internal education process.

Between the founders we have written and delivered education programs for Concept training, Holmes Place, Out Box and the UK’s largest education provider Premier Training. We base our company ethos on high standards and expect every one of our trainers to adhere to these.

Our fitness methods are state-of-the-art and used by elite athletes, entrepreneurs, high profile actors and performers the world over in order to achieve their goals.

For several years it’s been an exclusive club due to the limitations of time available to the founders, but now it’s available to everyone thanks to the recruitment and training of a new breed of trainer.

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