Shoreditch Gym

The gym has been designed with two key themes

Firstly, the equipment and gym layout has been chosen to optimise your training with the use of free weights and free moving cables to aid functional corrective training in the main gym.

The main gym has a large array of cardiovascular equipment and is one of the few UK gyms to be sponsored by Versa Climber. Using a Versa Climber is a challenging experience and offers an amazing total body work out.

We also understand the need to zone fitness areas, so a quiet session is not disturbed by a high impact workout. That is why we have a separate combat room and a strength and conditioning room with Olympic lifting platforms and cross fit rigs. Here, our trainers will guide you through an experience in personal training that you will not find anywhere else in London.

The gym environment has been designed to complement the integrity of the original building. We employed a bespoke furniture maker and lighting specialist to create a space than is not only functional but also an enjoyable place to spend time.

The Gym is air conditioned, but to keep the air circulating and so you are not exercising in a stale environment, The Vault is fitted with a fresh air ventilation system, pumping outside fresh air all around the gym.

We’ve fitted six walk in wet room monsoon showers with natural slate flooring, plus there are two additional rooms, one for Yoga and Pilates, complete with cork flooring, and a spacious treatment room featuring mood lighting for massage and clinical treatments. At The Vault Gym we are very lucky to have our own yoga director and massage therapists who work out of these spaces.

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